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It's more than just a game

The Games, Seriously Podcast is a safe place for intelligent and meaningful discussion on the medium of games from a variety of perspectives, with the fundamental intent of showing how games are or can be a significantly helpful medium for humanity.

Join Games Researcher Chris Yap, Indie Game Dev/Web Developer Rachel Bazelais, Fiction Writer Jon Padua, and Games Researcher Thomas May III as they try to make sense of these and other similarly quest-worthy queries.

At the end of each episode we will invite comments and discussion via social media which we can use for discussion in future episodes. If games are something that you feel is important, please join our quest, because it is dangerous to go alone.

Season 1

Episode 01

Why are games important?

Despite the global popularity which the game industry and medium enjoy in the world today, why do you believe are games important? What potentials do games as an industry or medium of expression constitute to you?

Episode 02

What makes a game more than a just entertainment?

What makes a game more than a game? What are those factors that make a game more than just a piece of entertainment?

Episode 03

Game Deep Dive: Game Dev Story from Kairosoft

We are doing a deep dive into Kairosoft's most excellent and addictive mobile game Game Dev Story in order to explore why this game works so well, and why we can't put it down.
(Have a look ar our playthrough screenshots album on Flickr)

Episode 04

The Hero's Journey in Games

In this month's episode we examine Joseph Campbell's theory of the Monomyth, also commonly known as The Hero's Journey. While the Hero's Journey has been an interesting analytical lens to use when looking at static media such as Literature and Cinema, how does the Hero's Journey function in the interactive medium of the video game?

Episode 05

This War of Mine

Today we are having a look at 11 bit Studio's critically-acclaimed game entitled, "This War of Mine." Based loosely on the Bosnian conflict in 1992, "This War of Mine" allows players to experience the war not as a soldier, but rather as a civilian who is caught in the crossfire and must survive until a ceasefire is declared. How does this game create empathy, and how effective is it in this endeavor?

Episode 06

Games We Can't Stop Thinking About

What are those games from your childhood or past which have endured in your memory? What traits from those games made it so that you think of those games even today? Join us in this episode as we investigate those questions and also confess which video game character we'd all like to hang out with.

Episode 07

Game Experiences for Future Generations

What sort of game experience would you love for the next generation of kids (or even your children/future children) to have? More specifically, what were those formative, memorable moments in gaming from your past that were just so phenomenal that you hope will be had by gamers who haven't yet been born?

Episode 08

Games, Seriously Game Ideas

Over the course of Season 1, we here at Games Seriously have imagined and maybe jokingly proposed rhetorical game ideas, and for today’s episode, we've compiled those weird game concepts and ideas for discussion, so get ready for more creative chaos.

Season 2

Season 2 Episode 01

Virtual Realty in Games?

The gaming industry at large has been getting really excited about Virtual Reality in recent years, as evidenced by increasing presence and visibility at game conferences and conventions alike. Could VR potentially be the real deal, or is it just a trend that could potentially go the way of the Virtual Boy? What is the current state of VR in gaming and where can we go from here?

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